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Dr. Rodrigo Magalhaes


Rodrigo Magalhães holds a PhD (Management) from The London School of Economics-University of London; MBA from Sheffield University, UK; MA (Information Science) from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK; BA (Psychology) from the University of Natal, South Africa.

He is a Professor of Information Systems and Organization, currently Dean at the Kuwait-Maastricht Business School in Kuwait. He was formerly with the School of Management and Economics at Catholic University of Portugal, where he was Director of the Information Management stream of the MBA programme.

He holds visiting positions at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal and at the Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE) also in Lisbon, where he lectures occasionally in postgraduate programmes. He has also been active in management consulting in Mozambique and has held several managerial positions in Portugal.

Professor Magalhães has published extensively in the areas of information systems management, organizational change, knowledge management, organization learning, business process management, e-HRM and e-learning. Some of his latest publications include:

AL-SAAD, Shereen M.; MAGALHÃES, Rodrigo. Corporate Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions: the issues surrounding unrestricted investment account holders. Corporate Governance (Journal), vol 13, nº 1, 2013

MAGALHÃES, Rodrigo. Re-interpreting Organization Design in the Light of Enacted Cognition Theory. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Vol 28, nº 6, 2011, 663–679

RITO SILVA, A.; MEZINI, R.; MAGALHÃES, R. MARTINHO, D.; AGUIAR, A.; FLORES, N. - “AGILIPO: embedding social software features into business process tools” in S. Rinderle-Ma et al. (Eds.): BPM 2009 Workshops, LNBIP 43: 219–230. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2010

ALMUSALLAM, Bassam; MAGALHÃES, Rodrigo - Organizational Evolution in Kuwait: a comparative study of the evolution of two Islamic finance companies. Journal of International Business & Entrepreneurship Development, vol 5, nº 1, 2010

ZACARIAS, M.; PINTO, H. S.; MAGALHÃES, R.; TRIBOLET, J. – A Context-Aware and Agent-Centric Perspective for the Alignment between Individuals and Organizations. Information Systems (Elsevier), Vol 35, nº 4, June 2010, 441-466

MAGALHÃES, R.; SANCHEZ, R. (Editors). Autopoiesis in Organization Theory and Practice. Bingley, UK, Emerald Group, 2009

ALI, G. E.; MAGALHÃES, Rodrigo. - Barriers to Implementing E-Learning: A Kuwaiti Case Study. International Journal of Training and Development, vol 2, nº 1, March 2008, 36-53

MAGALHAES, R.; SOUSA, P.; TRIBOLET, J. - The Role of Business Processes and Enterprise Architectures in the Development of Organizational Self-Awareness. Tekhne: Revista de Estudos Politecnicos, vol 4, nº 9, 2008, 9-30

MAGALHÃES, Rodrigo - A Context-Based Dynamic Capability Perspective of IS/IT Organizational Fit. International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management, vol 1, nº 4, 2006, 396-420

MAGALHÃES, Rodrigo - Organizational Knowledge and Technology: an action-oriented approach to organization and information systems. London, E. Elgar, 2004.



Email: Rodrigo@kmbs.edu.kw
Tel: 22517091/2/3 Ext 129



  • Strategic Design within Organizations (SDwO)
  • E-Commerce (E-Com)

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